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Seed, Fertilizer &

Weed Control


GreenView with GreenSmart Starter Fertilizer 10-18-10

GreenSmart speeds root growth to improve nutrient absorption and feeds your lawn up to 12 weeks.

  1. Unique GreenSmart ingredient helps speed root growth to improve nutrient absorption so lawns are better able to retain water to protect against heat and drought.

  2. The special formulation maintains a thick, green lawn through the fall months and provides an early spring green-up.

  3. Restores nutrients to your soil, providing overall better nutrition for your lawn.


GreenView Grass Seed Accelerator

One-Step Starter Fertilizer and Seeding Mulch

  1. Patented moisture cell technology helps maintain moisture in the soil so more seeds germinate in less time

  2. Contains a starter fertilizer specially formulated to promote the development of strong roots

  3. Light seeding paper mulch with wetting agent helps protect germinating seeds from hot sun and drying winds. Also, helps prevent weeds, and unlike straw, is weed and mess free.

Turf Perfect Shade & Sun

A blend formulated to give you a beautiful turf. The label will detail the specific contents of the blend: Cochise IV Tall Fescue, Trio Tall Fescue, Cortez II Tall Fescue, Pleasure Supreme Perennial Ryegrass, Baron Kentucky Bluegrass.

Turf Perfect Super Sport

A blend formulated to give you a beautiful turf. The label will detail the specific contents of the blend; Phenom Perennial Ryegrass, Amazing GS Perennial Ryegrass, Pleasure Supreme Perennial, Baron Kentucky Bluegrass.

Easy Weeder Flower and Garden

The perfect way to keep the weeds down in your Flowers, Trees, Shrubs or Gardens!  This is the NEW Easy Weeder in the BIG 6 pound jug!  Contains a Tracking agent for easy application! Prevents Weeds ALL SEASON LONG!  The Active Ingredient in this product is Trifluralin, also known as Treflan. This big jug treats a minimum of 960 square feet. 

Easy Weed ‘n Green

A dual action product. Stops weeds before they start and fertilizes at the same time
Feeds with quality plant food, prevents many broadleaf and grassy weeds from germinating. This product contains 1.47% Treflan®

Typar Premium Landscape Fabric (3ft, 4ft., 6ft. & 12ft.)

Typar Premium Landscape Fabric s a premium product but not at a premium price. The cost-effective fabric is durable to last longer, and a one-time installation prevents weed growth for years. Both homeowners and professional landscapers appreciate the many benefits of Typar Premium Landscape Fabric in helping them achieve the beautiful landscape they desire without the excessive time required to remove weeds.

Straw Bales

Straw is used as a protective cover of new grass seed from birds and other wild animals.  Straw may also be used as ground cover, bedding or simply for decoration. We also offer straw blowing service covering acres of property in a small amount of time.

East Coast Erosion Blankets

With over 20 varieties of products for erosion and sediment control, East Coast Erosion Blankets can provide a solution to any erosion problem. From accelerated products which are designed for rapid degrading to assist in residential or golf course applications to over 5 varieties of turf reinforcement mats for permanent solutions, feel assured East Coast Erosion Blankets has you covered. We have even made product coding simple.

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